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Schell: This is a thread for the English-speaking guests of the website http://wolgadeutsche.net/ Please, feel free to share your feedback and make your comments in regard of any subjects discussed on this site. Эта тема предназначена для англоговорящих посетителей данного сайта. Пожалуйста, не стесняйтесь задавать вопросы, а также делится своими отзывами.

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Schell: Feedback in regard to Alexander Spack´s trip to the Volga German villages of the Frank Kanton in May 2009. Отзывы о поездке А.А. Шпак по немецким деревням бывшего Франкского кантона. -> From Pastor Gutsche (Barrhead, Alberta, Canada): Dear Listers, I think that Tanja deserves a MILLION THANKS for all of her work in translating the information on each of the present-day village photos. And a MILLION THANKS to Alexander Spack and his team and also A MILLION THANKS to Vladimir Kakorin. Bolshaya Spaceeba! (I only know a few Russian words and phrases - had to stop studying it when there was too much Latin, Greek and Hebrew to memorize while I as in Deutschland) Vielen Dank! Merci Beaucoup! Eucharistoh! Mange Tak, Muchas Gracias, Wi dank U! (this may be wrong in Dutch - my Dutch is rusty - it was only a 12-week once a week course) Birachi! (not sure about this one - Hebrew), Grazie Mille! (this also may be wrong - my Italian was only a 12 week once a week course). My Latin is off but I think it is Gratiae! (I can't find my old textbook.) Every language opens a door, even though the door is harder to open when the hinges get rusty and immovable! Horst W. Gutsche -> From Susan Nakaji: First of all thank you and Alexander for a great historical pictorial preservation of the Frank Canton. The photos are just wonderful! I am Sue Hopp Nakaji, the village Coordinator for Hussenbach. I am attaching a Family Group Sheet for one of the Jakob Propp families in my database. This is the closest match that I can make for a Jakob son of Phillip Propp. Jakob has a son Phillip Woldemar Propp. Does Woldemar translate into Vladimir? I am trying to match the family you speak of in Photo # 1. -> From Judy Curtis in Arizona, USA: Tanja, Heartfelt thanks for all your efforts in translating a portion of this wonderful site into English! Your work is truly a gift of all of us who descend from these wonderful Germans who lived in Russia. Most of us will never be able to travel to the villages of our ancestors, and the pictures give such an update to whatever else we may have. One of my ancestral villages was Frank. Another is Norka, which I was able to find on the website home page and see the recent pictures of Norka. Many, many thanks are sent your way! -> From Cathy Reed to Alexander Spack: Thank you so very much for all of your work, and for sharing these pictures. They are a treasure to me. Cathy Reed -> From Patrice Miller: Thanks so much for doing this, what a great service. Best regards, Patrice Miller Village Coordinator for Yagodnaya Polyana

spack: Ich habe heute einen Brief aus Amerika bekommen: Lieber Herren, Ich habe die webseite gesehen und habe gesehen dass leute fur Windholz famile suchen. Mein nahme ist Adam Windholz aus Amerika. Mein urgrossvater war von Herzog. Können sie bitte meine email addresse geben zu jemand wo mich helfe kann für Verwante suchen kann in Russland. Danke sehr. Meine addresse ist Adamwindholziii@aol.com Danke und viel Gruss, Adam Windholz

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